Welcome to my homepage. Here dwells a collection of  work I have done as a Technical Communicator.

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This is where I will share a little bit about myself. A little discretion mixed with a tiny dose of mystique should do the trick.


Here you’ll find three of my most recent blog posts.


Some of my work is featured here. Both personal and for clients.

Whole Foods Research

My first project in Small Group Communications was to examine a group of Whole Food Market consumers and staff in one location, in order to generate hypotheses on the identity, (more…)

Myers Briggs Analysis

Welcome to my blog page. My name is Eddie Kihara, I’m currently a senior, non-traditional Technical Communications in IT student at Southern Poly State University (now Kennesaw State University). (more…)

GG’s Dance & Arts Studio

GG’s Dance & Arts Studio was a really fun project. Our client Gigi needed various solutions to her business image and branding issues. Gigi wanted a unified theme for her website, logo, social media (more…)

Happy Customers

I told a friend of mine that I needed a blog site. “Two words”, she said… “Eddie Kihara”. I owe her a huuuge thank you. But above all, thank you Eddie!

Photo of a woman in glasses

Sue M.

Mind blown! Amazing flyer design for my cleaning services. Now I have a professional look and I’m to compete with giants. Totally blew me away.

Tony T.